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Mercy Health Youngstown Medical Library
Jeghers Medical Index

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Medical Library

Within the three regional acute care hospitals of the Youngstown Market of Bon Secours Mercy Health, the Medical Library is synonymous with the Bon Secours Mercy Health Regional Health Sciences Library System, which unites the academic informational resources of these three regional hospitals. Today, healthcare combines biotechnology and medicine in more data driven ways than ever before. The interlocking of clinical medicine and scientific medical investigation through literature, databases, computers and digital devises has advanced healthcare delivery and accelerated break through discovery with greater efficiencies than every thought possible. An important goal of the Mercy Health regional medical libraries located St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital, St. Joseph Warren Hospital, St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital and the online Jeghers Medical Index is to provide medical professionals, caregivers and individuals in-training the resources and tools to find and integrate information from a broad array of medical disciplines.  

This library system’s collection of digital and traditional print materials is spread across the three hospitals but is accessible online, additional resources are available through an affiliation with the Northeast Ohio Medical University and its membership with OhioLINK.  Combined, these allow are patrons access to:

  • Over 1,200 full-text online medical textbooks
  • 100 print journals
  • 46 million books, including the collections of six other Ohio medical school libraries
  • Over 100 research databases
  • Over 24 million electronic journal articles
  • Over 100,000 e-books

Jeghers Medical Index

The Jeghers Medical Index, the medical literature collection of Harold Jeghers, a well-known medical educator is a corpus of about one million medical articles from the late 1800s and 1990s. is a unique historic collection of full text medical articles of the 20th century. Now digitized the collection it is available online. 

The Jeghers Medical Index is located on 2 South of St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital. 

International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations (ISIL)

St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital - US-OHYTSEHL

St. Joseph Warren Hospital - US-OHWRSJHW

St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital - US-OHBDMSEHB

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St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital, Youngstown (OHUSEY)

Jeghers Medical Index Youngstown (OHUEJO)

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Jeghers Medical Index (Youngstown)

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