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Winners of 38th Annual Research Day

Oral Presentations

1st Place Kayla Trautman-Buckley, DO Evaluating the Impact of Narrative Medicine Workshops on Reflective Learning, Empathy and Burnout: A Prospective Observational Cohort Study
2nd Place David Ohlin, PharmD Comparing Pharmacist-managed Vancomycin Dosing Utilizing the Traditional Method Versus InsightRx® Bayesian Dosing Software
3rd Place Alberto Llaneza Santacruz, MD Percentage of Orthopedic Surgery Referrals that Result in Surgical Intervention Within the First Two Visits: A Retrospective Cohort Study of Referrals

Case Report & Literature Review
1st Place Mary Kristine Byrum, DDS Correlation Between Buprenorphine/Naloxone Sublingual Therapy and Dental Disease
2nd Place Andrea Bartlett, DO Case Series of Neurological Fat Emboli Syndrome
3rd Place Kathryn Ogborn, MD Juvenile Papillomatosis in an Adolescent Female, a Marker for Future Breast Cancer?

Poster Presentations

1st Place Vebhav Garg, MD Evaluating the Viz Artificial Intelligence (AI) Application in Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS)
2nd Place John William Savopoulos, DDS The Application of the "Definitive Care Solutions Application (DCS App)" to Non-Emergent Emergency Room Dental Visits
3rd Place Monica Arora DO Comparison of Alternate Upper GI Bleeding Risk Assessments with Time to Scope and Mortality

Case Report & Literature Review
1st Place Kayla Trautman-Buckley, DO Cluster Headache and Bradycardia
2nd Place Gianmarino Gianfrate, DO Global Surgery and the Surgical Intervention of a Heteropagus Twin in Rural Burundi, East Africa
3rd Place Stanley Ifeanyi Ozogbo, MD Breakthrough Malaria: A Case of Mefloquine Chemoprophylaxis Failure

Oral Presentations - Research

Oral Presentations - Case Report / Literature Review

Posters Research

Posters Case Report / Literature Review